January 18 2024
Praxis Sjael, Schwiebusser Str. 9, 10965 Berlin

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🌻All levels welcome! Beginner friendly!This evening is about enjoying human connection through giving & receiving touch!After a short introduction we will guide you step by step through an easy Thai Massage sequence, demonstrating and explaning at the same time.Each of you will simply follow along for about one hour of giving and of course also receiving.

🍁Touch is a fundamental aspect of human connection. Mindful massage fosters emotional bonds and communication. It plays a crucial role in physical and mental well-being, promoting stress reduction, empathy, and a sense of security.The practice of sharing touch and kindness soothes the nervous system, triggers the release of oxytocin and promotes a sense of calm.

🌿Thai massage is a form of mindful touch that goes beyond physical relaxation. Rooted in Buddhist traditions, it emphasizes the connection between the mind and body. The mindful and rhythmic movements of Thai massage bring awareness to the present moment. As the practitioner uses gentle stretches and acupressure, the recipient experiences a heightened sense of body awareness, relaxation and mental clarity. This form of touch not only releases physical tension but also cultivates a meditative state, contributing to a holistic sense of well-being.

🍁If you wish to do something soothing and relaxing - for yourself, with your friend or partner- join us on this THAI MASSAGE experience with Bojan & Almuth.
Come alone or with someone, both is perfect :)


Price:30€ per person50€ for 2 people booking together

🪻For registration & questios write to Bojan:


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Thursday, January 18


Praxis Sjael,

Schwiebusser Str. 9, 10965 Berlin

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