Thai Yoga Massage - Basic Practitioner Qualification

22-24 September & 13-15 October 2023
Element Yoga - Berlin

General Description

“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.”
- Margaret Atwood

From a modern point of view we will explore the modern influences and the roots of this traditional healing art, that historically originated from the Indian culture and that absorbed inspirations and tools by the buddhist monks of Thailand.

> massage techniques for the whole body from head to toe
> learn to offer bodywork in supine, prone, side position and seated position & know the benefits/ drawbacks of each position
> structure and design of a 90+ minutes Thai Yoga Massage
> practice & theory of working with the physical & emotional body
> basic knowledge about energy-lines and facial-chains
> massage relevant anatomie & physiology
> tips for the communication with the client before/ after the massage
> communication tools and personal development
> movement, meditation and self massage

LONGER VERSION for those that want to read more:

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art that touches and balances the body physically, energetically and emotionally.
Through rhythmic pressure on points and energy lines, passive stretches and joint mobilizations the body and the mind can relax and blockages can be removed. Most importantly Thai Yoga Massage is a loving and healing dance of giving and receiving, that connects human to human.

The teaching is inspired by the teaching (dhamma) of two unique thai massage masters from northern Thailand, Chaiyuth (dynamic, rhythmic and shamanic) and Pichet (static, deep with focus on feeling), as well as by Asokananda and his combination of YOGA, THAI MASSAGE, MEDITATION and METTA (loving kindness). Our dear teachers and friends, Krishnatakis from Greece and David Lutt (one of the founders of Osteothai) from France, are forming part of this lineage.

This course offers a practical training in the art of touch of Thai Yoga Massage. Day by day we´ll be travelling through the body - from the feet towards the head - with daily demonstrations, theory and lots of time to practice and incorporate.
Every participant receives a script including theoretical and practical knowledge.

We provide lots of know-how but also space for body and soul to relax, play, feel while celebrating and enjoying the essence of thai massage: love and metta.

Useful Information

Open level! Open mind! Open heart!
This course is for absolute beginner, repeater, practitioner of other forms of bodywork and yoga teacher.

Minimum: 8 participants
Maximum: 20 participants
Starting from 12 participants we will have additions assistants to make sure everyone receives plenty of support.

english / Übersetzung ins Deutsche bei Bedarf

COURSE FEE (including script)
Regular price: 780€
Reduced & Early Bird: 680€*
Reduction for students, retirees, unemployed persons
*Early Bird with booking and payment before August 15th, 2023

REGISTRATION & INFOS, Tel.: +493053796124

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Daily Schedule


08:00 - 09:30 meditation and movement
10:15 - 13:15 morning session
14:30 – 17:30 afternoon session

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