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Clarity of Mind - Thai massage for head, neck, shoulder complex

To have a clear Vision we need to make the pathway between heart and mind clear. To do so we must release all the gates from head, neck and shoulders so the communication with the heart can be Seen.

In this 2.5 day workshop our focus will be on releasing the tensions that very often 'sit' on our shoulders, stiffen the neck and jaw and create 'headaches', difficulties to think, to see.

We will work structurally on muscles, fascias and joints to unblock any stagnation and permit a free flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen.We will also work on calming the mind by calming the sympathetic part of the nervous system and letting the parasympathetic system reset and rejuvenate the body into optimal state of health.

This is an advanced workshop and previous experience in Thai massage is required!

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